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Mobile App Distribution Strategy

Over 12 million app developers worldwide are making apps in billions of numbers which are mostly focusing on two stores – Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. They capture most of the market as almost 1500+ apps are submitted to the platforms daily.

However, there are many other app stores out there where you can upload your app for testers and clients to test apps. It’s up to you what platform you choose to upload your app but there must be strategies or steps that you need to follow while distributing your app.

Why Using Distribution Strategy?

After months of development and making a perfect app that can create a good revenue you need to make some effort. Just creating an app cannot lead you to the revenue generator but you need to share it on different distribution channels by specifying each detail.

Let’s see what strategies you can work on while sharing your app on different distribution channels.

Distribute your app across multiple channels/platforms

The main goal while distributing an app is to widen the net and diversify the pool of platforms so that you can target more and more people. The more channels you have, to distribute your app the bigger audience you get, and eventually the chances of app installation increase. And by increasing your installation means that before uploading into any public app store, it is suggested that you also run paid campaigns to grow the network which can aware more and more people about your app.

Turn off distribution channels that don’t perform

While running multiple app distribution channels, you will see some of the platforms perform better than others. If you feel any channel is not performing well and is not bringing the required quality towards your niche, then you can turn them off at any time. There is no use in paying a channel that does not deliver you a required ROI. You need to keep an eye and constantly evaluate the strength of your distribution platforms and compare each other to know which one is performing well and which one is not.

Optimize each channel frequently

Optimizing the performance of a distribution channel is also a key strategy while testing. This means you are optimizing your app performance on the app store itself. The optimization includes better screenshots, keywords, and videos designed by working with tech partners to make better campaigns. These campaigns need some important things that should be put into consideration like bid optimization, analyzing ad sources, analyzing what time best to post on social media, etc.

Focus on niche app distribution channels

There are many app distribution channels out there but make sure to pick the niche-based distribution channels. You may get low volume, but you can target the exact audience that is significant to increase the quality of the consumer. There are ad networks, social media groups, and other channels where you can share your app to get heavy traffic towards your app with certain countries, demographics, and interests.

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