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Longer Links Availability – Appforshare vs Diawi vs InstallOnAir

Mobile app development is a growing industry, and we need to work soundly while developing and distributing the app internally for automation testing.

As internal app sharing needs little or no human interaction, it must not have any privacy and authentication issues. Links must be protected and should not expire soon to continue the process of automation testing with the testers.

Links expiration of the application creates a loose end-to-end connection between a developer and a tester which delays all the updates that are needed by the client or an end-user.

There are many tools and websites that provide you the app distribution service, where you can share your developed app links and distribute them in a protected environment with privacy and security. The top software that provides these services include Diawi and InstallOnAir. Testers can pick any of these or other software available to test the beta builds but all these software comes with some rules and restrictions in links expiry according to the demand.

The links that the developers share with the testers will expire and there is a limit of links you can buy as per the pricing package you have selected.

Appforshare is a mobile app distribution software service that shares links of your .ipa and .apk files over the air or UAT services like the above-mentioned software. But there is a difference between and other software distributing services in a lot of ways. The most important discussion is all about connectivity, link security, and link expiry. Like others, appforshare is also secure and comes with low prices, but the notable service is its links never expire on the Premium package. You can open the unique link whenever you want to start android and iOS beta app testing. 

For instance,

Diawi link expires within 24 hours while at appforshare, the link expiry is unlimited in the free plan. In a premium plan, you have to pay more for drawing links to extend the date of expiry and you get only 15 days, but at appforshareio, you will get unlimited expiry at very low prices.

See the comparison below with other tools.

Account TypesDiawiInstallOnAirAppforhsareio
Not Logged In1 dayUp to 2 daysNo links expiry
Free AccountUp to 3 daysUp to 8 days (registered)No links expiry
Starter PlanUp to 7 days–         
Premium PlanUp to 15 daysNo links expiry
Enterprise PlanUp to 15 days–        

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