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Are you developing and testing the beta versions of your applications for a long time?

Are you tired of paying hefty amounts for the tool you are using to distribute your app to the testers?

Is it difficult for you to pick the best tool that helps you carry out your beta test?

Let’s make it easy for you.

The first thing you need to consider is the tool you choose to send your beta app for testing. These distribution tools help you send your built to your testers over-the-air (OTA). If you are not afraid of the vital bugs in your app, you gain the confidence to make continuous and consistent updates to your iOS and Android apps. This is only possible when you can carry out your app to the testers. 

Many tools can help you distribute your app, but it is difficult to have the best tool in terms of price, security, device compatibility, and user-friendly environment. comes with the benefits that make it a great Diawi alternative to offer easy-to-use best services at low pricing.

How is considered a Good Diawi Alternative? is a platform for distributing your app’s build for Android and iPhone devices and installing them on OTA. You can generate a link to send your clients, tester, and developers or install it on your device to test the app before making it public. This Fastlane service is all that we need to automate our uploads with hassle-free API integration.

As a Diawi alternative, supports you to upload and install 100s of applications with unlimited linkage. The links of the builds are protected and never expire (if you have a registered account), and testers can easily access them. This way, testers can do the beta app testing for all the builds simultaneously. helps you install the app directly. You do not need Apple’s or Play Store’s approval before installing the app on your iOS or Android mobile. You just need to enable unknown sources on your phone to download and install the app. To understand how you can enable the unknown sources in your Android device, click the link.

Service Features

Easy Drag and Drop Functionality

Developers can easily pick a .apk or .ipa file to upload or simply drag and drop it to the wall of apps and get a unique link to send to your testers, developers, and friends to test.

Device Compatible Tools facilitates you with the unique link or QR code compatible with your mobile device and provides you the details of the app to cross-check before installing it on your phone.

One Tap App Installation

You can paste the link you get in your android or iPhone device’s browser to download and install the application with just a click.

Privacy and Protection

The generated links are unique and private, and can therefore not be accessed by indexing or searching to respect security.

Free to Use provides you with a free disk quota for unlimited usage of features and an extended version with premium services at minimum rates.

Advantages of

  • Simple to use without requiring any personal data demands
  • It’s cross-platform and requires no other tool to function
  • Its quick to download and install with version update release notes

How is better than Diawi services?

Our focus is to facilitate the best over-the-air installation process in less time and affordable price. gives you an unlimited number of services in free with no limit of link expiration, free Disk Quota, unlimited builds, and monthly downloads. Unlike Diawi, at, you do not need to worry about your links to be expired. Here, you have better pricing to upload your builds even without signing up to the platform. At, your profile status is constantly being looked. This way no profile can go into a mess and continue its work with smooth app delivery.

Free Disk QuotaYesYes
Unlimited LinkageNoYes
Unlimited BuildYes Yes
Unlimited Monthly DownloadsNoYes
ProjectsYes Yes
Password Protected LinksYes Yes
Uniquely Generated Installation LinksYes Yes
URL White LabellingNoYes
White Label Installation PageNoYes
iOS and Android apps uploadYes Yes
Installation links to send to testersYes Yes
Dashboard to manage uploaded appsYes Yes
APIs accessYesYes is a perfect place to share your private builds over the air (OTA) with rapid feedback and continuous uploads.

*For queries, you can reach out to us at [email protected] or contact us with the live chat on our website.

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