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Most Common Upload Errors

Do you find errors while uploading your app builds? It sometimes happens while processing the key elements in the .ipa or .apk file. Let’s see what these errors are to overcome them in your next build.

Invalid Package

You need to have specific packages for iOS applications.

For a *.ipa file:

Xcode generates the *.ipa package using the Product that has been built for running on a device configuration.

  • Go to Archive from Product and then select Window.
  • In the Window, go to Organizer and then select Archives from the Organizer.
  • Select the generated archive and click on Export.
  • Save the settings for Ad hoc/Enterprise/Development Deployment.

For a *.zip(.app) file:

*.zip(.app) package is generated manually after the Product has been built for running on a device configuration.

  • Select the Products folder from the Project View.
  • Right-click Show in Finder on the .app.
  • If you see a report of an invalid package by, then perform these steps to come out from the hustle.

Missing Embedded Mobile Provision

iOS apps contain an embedded provisioning profile that connects the device and the developer account. This provisioning profile or .mobileprovision file is automatically built into the package. At the time of development, you can choose which services your app can access. You download a provisioning profile from your developer account and embed the downloaded file in your app bundle. The bundle is code signed with all the scripts and executables to make sure that the code has not been altered or computed.

Before the 4.x version, you need to build it manually. Now the “Profiles” section in the Settings app is completely removed so it is impossible to be installed for the iOS 8+ users.

When you install the app, it checks the .mobileprovision profile inside the package of the app and uses it to either accept or reject the app.

This is a must that the app has .mobileprovision, however, it can be missing from the package for the following reasons:

  • The app has been code signed incorrectly; you can check it in your project settings.
  • The package you have uploaded is the Simulator version.
  • The apps you have to build for iOS Simulator do not have any provisioning profiles; check if you have uploaded the “-iphoneos” version, not the “-iphonesimulator” version.

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