How Long Will Links Be Available on gives you the chance of building your apps with unlimited pocket-friendly and free services. is not only good for its services like cross-platform availability, unlimited storage for builds, unlimited number of uploads, and free services but it is also remarkable because its links never expired.

When a developer uploads the app then you will get a link. This link will be copied from the website and shared with the testers to test it on mobile devices.

The link availability is not limited and does not require any conditions. This feature is available for all the registered users of the application.

Most of the apps have this feature disabled, which means users will get the links for a specific duration, and then the links installation expires. There are some other conditions based on which links are available on competitors’ websites like Diawi. These conditions include:

  • The date of the last installation or if no installation has been done then the date of the upload
  • The number of installations left from the total number of installations available
  • The account which is manually disabled

When you reached these conditions, links become unavailable, and you cannot download and install the app on your mobile devices. These links will be available again for a short time according to the plan. The availability is possible by adding more time or adding a number of installations in your package.

But you do not need to worry because, at, you can freely work at your favorable time to test your apps without the worries of getting the notifications or emails of links being lost or expired.

You can also see blogs at to learn more information and how this app works best for you.

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