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Development, Ad-hoc In-house
Apps Over The Air Installation is a platform where developers can distribute their apps
through OTA (Over The Air) installation to clients.

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Extended Build Expiry Extended Build Size Extended Storage - Upgrade Now

Tired of constantly uploading builds, encountering expiring links, and mandatory sign-ups for more options? Look no further! is your solution, eliminating all these hassles, and enhancing your user experience. With our platform, you can bid goodbye to repetitive build uploads and unwelcome restrictions. Join us at and experience a worry-free, streamlined process.

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  • Yearly


Extended Build Size, Extended Storage

Upload builds without size restrictions anytime and from anywhere, absolutely hassle-free.
Share build download links with anyone and with Extended expiry, because we make them last.
On every new build update, get release notes along with versions to help differentiate better.
Code and upload a customized HTML page of your sharable link of to brand yourself in front of your clients.

WHAT it Work

Easy Process to Send Test Builds.

While we can customize your plan to suit your needs, most clients schedule regular services:



Upload you app builds iOS (.ipa) or Android (.apk) at first to the provided uploader.


Notification (optional)

Copy the generated download link and share it with your Team Member(s), Owner(s) or Client(s).



Open the link in a mobile device browser and access your build right away to begin the install.



Once uploaded you will get a shareable download link which could be accessed from the browser.

Who we are

Best Mobile App Testing Platform

Consider our platform as a private app store for your team to test your app releases
before releasing them to Google & Apple stores

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Features and Services

What we Offer

Consider our platform as a private app store for your
team to test your app releases before releasing
them to Google & Apple stores

IOS Icon iOS Apps is designed to function with iOS 4+ apps and devices, enabling seamless installation of development, ad-hoc, and in-house builds. With a single tap, it operates as an ipa installer for iPhone, facilitating the process of installing ipa files effortlessly.

Android App Android Apps is compatible with Android 2+ apps and devices, simplifying the process of installing apk file for development, ad-hoc, and in-house builds. As an android apk installer, it allows the apk file install to happen effortlessly with just a single tap.

Drag & Drop As Simple As Drag & Drop

As a developer, simply drag & drop your ipa, zipped .app or apk into the field above and get a link to send to your testers, users, bloggers, friends.

One Tap Install One Tap App Installation

Using this link on their mobile device's browser, users will be able to download and install the app with just a single tap, nothing else.

Privacy Protection Privacy And Protection

Links are private: no search or index. They can be password protected and strictly respect Apple's security rules with UDIDs and provisioning profiles.

Device Compatibilty Simple Tools For Device Compatibility

Retrieving the UDID? Checking if the app is compatible with the users' device? We've got that covered for you with simple tools!

Free to Start Free To Start, You'll Love It

And this is only the free Appforshare service: you may also get an account with a lot more features like custom URLs, APIs, stats, no expiration.

Global Accessibility Global Accessibility is not just for local app distribution, but also for global accessibility. Share your apps with testers around the globe and get insights from diverse user experiences. No need to worry about regional restrictions, as our platform facilitates global access to your builds.

We lead your builds to the right destination

Market Leader in Mobile App Testing

Rising Star

Make better apps by using appforshare

One release at a time