Installing Third Party Apps for iOS

The most popular mobile phone company today is Apple, and it provides more security over other operating systems. This is the reason why it is widely used and liked by many people around the world. However, the complications related to security can sometimes create an itch for the users as well as developers. Apple allows users to download and install the apps through iTunes only.

Apple also allows you to create and distribute your apps through the Apple Developers Enterprise Program where you can create and use the apps for internal use of the enterprise only. Here you also have some requirements to manually establish trust for these apps before opening.

Installing third-party apps with these security measures is comparatively hard than other mobile operating systems. Still, we can distribute and install the apps from third-party stores on your iPhone for testing the apps before uploading them on AppStore. The iPhone development teams around the world are creating different tools that allow the installation of third-party apps on iPhone. The process is known as Jailbreaking and is legal, you are open to using and creating such tools.

Installing Third Party Apps

Installation of third-party applications can be done by simply visiting the website on Safari and then following the instructions of the app installer you are using. Most third-party app installers will have the same instructions to download the app from the internet and install it into your device.

iTunes also offers you to connect directly to third-party applications and download and install the app on iPhone or iPod Touch.

Installing Third Party IPA Files Using iTunes

Apple Inc. provides its official software for iPhone to install third-party apps. Below is the simple process to follow:

1.       Connect your iPhone device to the Mac computer with a data cable.

2.       Launch iTunes on your computer.

3.       At the upper left you will find the iPhone model in a list of devices, click on it.

4.       Find the Apps tab in iTunes and click on it.

5.       Mark the application from the list of apps you want to transfer to your iPhone device.

6.       Click Sync.

7.       Transfer of the application will begin and after it is done transferring, you will get notified by iTunes to disconnect your iPhone.

8.       Disconnect by simply removing the data cable and you are ready to start testing your app.

Installing Third Party IPA Files Using is a free software to distribute your developed apps for testing over the air (OTA) and UAT purpose. Through this app, you can install third-party apps on your iPhone and store them in the Application folder where all other native apps are stored.

1.  Copy the shared link by the developers in your device browser and click install.

2.  After the installation is complete, open the app.

3.  Check the version compatibility as appforshareio provides you with all the details include app names, IDs, versions, build, etc.

To install the beta releases on your device, you need to connect the UDID of your device to a developer account which is unique for every device. Learn more about How to Find UDID On iPhone by Appforshareio to make the beta installation process easy. 

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